Illegal Riding

This is from the ACU. We will cooperate as much as possible to stamp this out. This also applies to the National Parks and any Private Land where you do not have permission.

Despite the current lockdown, some people are choosing to flout the rules and risk the future of our sport by illegally utilising Forestry Commission land and private venues. Illegal activity on Forestry commission land is a criminal offence and puts legitimate events at risk. The ACU take a zero tolerance approach to this in partnership with the Forestry Commission, and local police. Anyone caught illegally riding on Forestry commission land can expect:

-Your bike WILL be impounded under section 59 by the Forestry Commission and Police,

-You WILL be prosecuted for a criminal act by the Police,

-You WILL be reported to the ACU/AMCA head office for a termination of your competition licence. This WILL be shared with ALL authorising bodies.

If you have any information you are encouraged to contact the Police through 101

Gallery Quiz.

John Watson has being very busy keeping the web site ticking over with photos. He has put on a photo quiz in the Gallery for all to have a go at. There will be a prize for the best three answer papers received by 31st May in the form of free entries to any of our trials. Answers to Good Luck.


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are NOT accepting memberships until the Lock Down is over. When ever that may be! This will be reviewed in line with the Governments guidelines.


The club will hold it’s AGM on the first Thursday of October every year starting at 8pm.

Easy Trial Series

This Year Guisborough and District Motorcycle club will be running an Easy Trial Series. It will consist of 5 Rounds to be held on Thursday Evenings 6pm at Charltons. Entry will Be: £10 (adults) and £5 (youths). The Trials will consist of 3 laps of 7 sections.

Routes will be:

• Easy (Equivalent to the kids conducted)

• Medium (Equivalent to White Route)

• Hard (Equivalent to Clubman B)

This series is open to everyone and is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to start competing, youths currently riding Conducted Trials and looking to ride main trials or riders currently riding white route may want to try the Hard Route. One Event ACU competition licences will be available at the trial for £3.

Event Dates:

• April 16th

• May 7th

• June 4th

• July 2nd

• August 6th

For further information call Richard 07917105274 or

Or download the pdf below:

Ilegal riding

We have a very good working relationship with our Farmers, Land Owners and the National Parks Authority. Unfortunately there are some people out there who do not adhere to the rules and ride on land where they are not supposed to be. We have assured the Farmers, Land Owners & National Parks Authority’s that we will cooperate fully with them to bring to justice anyone found to be riding illegally.